Homeoffice and Quarantine

Due to the current situation, when many employers are implementing Homeoffice operatively, we offer our quick help with configuring your account so that it offers Homeoffice activity, if it already did not offer it.

If you do not already have a Homeoffice added to your account, just send us the keyword “Homeoffice” to info@giriton.com. We will then immediately add the Homeoffice activity to your GIRITON. We will pre-configure it so that it will be displayed on both a mobile and a web application. 

Send us a “Quarantine” keyword and we will also add a new “Quarantine" activity to GIRITON, which we can preset so that it is added to the person for every other day until he / she comes back to work.

Of course you can do these changes by yourself in the system in User Menu - Attendance - Attendance activities, we just offer our help with that.