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Attendance GIRITON lets you easily record the attendance of employees.
You can record attendance using attendance clocks, tablets, cellphones and webapp including tracking GPS and saving pictures.
Depending on user permissions you can carry out exports or set up automated tasks, eg. sending notifications on low number of present employees.
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Main features of Attendance GIRITON

All features

Enter data from attendance clock, PC, tablet, or phone

You can also combine the methods.

Real-time attendance overview

Current data of all departments immediately.

Business trips including GPS

Track GPS, licence plate, fuel consumption, odometer status...

Geofence attendance

Automatic attendance according to the current GPS location.

Work on projects

Time recording according to individual projects, time cost of projects.

Door Unlocking

Access control to individual zones.

Shift planning, Multi-shift operations

Automatic and manual shift planning.

Requests and approvals

Sending and approving requests (leave, change of shift, ...).

Overtime, Night work, Holiday work, ...

Including the export to payroll.

Meal vouchers

Calculation of Meals vouchers according to custom rules.

Exports to payroll software

Export attendance to 20+ payroll systems.

Dozens of print reports, exports (Excel, CSV, PDF, Word)

Wide data export options.

Monitoring limits (Vacation, Sickdays, ...)

Adjustable limits for various activities.


Email or Slack about End of trial period, Anniversary, Limits reach, ...

Detailed permission management

Who can view, edit, approve, ...

Settings are customizable

Different variants of premiums, calculations, time cuts, ...

Custom attendance activities

You can add add custom activities and attendance types.

List of people at the workplace

See the current status on the web, on clock or even on your phone.

All modifications are recorded

You always find out who modified the given data and when.

Attendance locking

Once the attendance is locked, the data cannot be edited.

Easy integration with other systems

REST API and plenty of integrations.

Synchronization with external calendars

See the attendance data in Outlook.

Food ordering: integration

Integration with the food ordering system.

Notification of the end of probationary, birthday ...

Email or Slack notifications.

Automatic tasks

Automatically insert breaks, monitor absences, ...

Quick setup, easy installation

Create an account online immediately.

Regular updates

Seamless upgrades do not require your attention.

Technical support on phone, chat and email

Included in the price.

GDPR compliant

Don't worry about GDPR with us.

High security (Microsoft Azure cloud)

Data stored in the Microsoft's cloud.
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What do our clients say about us?

„Purchase price and overall system costs are very nice. Cooperation with Giriton is constructive. I appreciate especially the great help of GIRITON staff in matter of customizations to our special needs.“
Jiri Havlik
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„We have chosen Attendance Giriton because it works with current and available hardware solutions and willingness to communicate about our company's specific requirements. Changes and customizations were, without exception, always on time.“
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„Modern Attendance system that easily overcomes many other expensive solutions. Guys from GIRITON were most helpful when implementing and modifying solutions for our exemplary individual requirements. I appreciate the most the simplicity of setup and intuitive application controlls.“
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„Absolutely the best cloud attendance system with a great support. Thanks a lot, guys!“
Filip Debef
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„GIRITON saves us time and monitors information on the attendance of employees. It is clear, simple to use and offers great mobile app. We needed some custom adjustments, cooperation with tech-support was very positive.“
Martina Jicinska
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„I am really grateful that we have chosen GIRITON as a provider of the attendance system. It has a very pleasant user interface, I like the passion and activity of the GIRITON consultants and I appreciate the speed of their response and the effort to meet our specific requirements.“
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