Attendance GIRITON

- Modern Online Attendance System in Cloud
- Use tablets, smartphones, or browser to record attendance
- RFID and NFC keychains, cards, QR codes, or passwords
- Record GPS position, photos, and more ...

Online Attendance in cloud

Online Attendance GIRITON lets you easily monitor, record and evaluate the attendance of employees, both in the field and inside the buildings. You can record attendance using tablets, cellphones and webapp including tracking GPS positions and saving pictures. In a cloud application you can easily add, edit or review the attendance data. Depending on user permissions and user departments you can carry out exports or set up automated tasks, eg. sending mail on low number of present employees.

Attendance on web

With our cloud app you work directly from your web browser and it is not necessary to install any additional software.

Intuitive Design

Requires no user training to use basic and even the advanced features.

Easy Customization

Own attendance activities? Arrival rounding? Own calculation for overtime? Not a problem!

Reports and Exports

In addition to traditional PDF reports we export to Excel and other formats.

Scheduled Tasks

Mail notifications about when not enough employees present, employee missing etc...

User permissions

Employees can enter own attendance, accountant can browse, head of the department can edit, ...

Additional features

Business Trips, Attendance Requests and Approvments, Shared Calendars and more...


My Attendance on smartphone

Our application My Attendance is here for your employees in the field. Users can record their own attendance with their smartphone. Depending on permissions users can also browse or edit attendance of others, apply for attendance changes and review the shift plan.

  • GPS tracking
  • Attaching photos
  • Text notes
  • User permissions
  • High security
  • Viewing attendance of other users
Attendance inside buildings

Attendance clock on tablet

Users are identified by the Magnetic Card, RFID, and NFC chips, or by QR codes and Personal password. When clocking an each event, it is possible to take a photo of the person and record the GPS position.

We provide wall mount attendance clock for indoor attendance. The device is powered by Android, it has a 7" touch display, front camera, WiFi, LAN and supports PoE (IEEE802.3af, 48V) power in addition to the regular power adapter.
RFID or NFC chips are used to clock-in. Wall mount clock offers the same agendas as our Attendance Clock for Tablet

The price of attendance clock with a metal wall mount in RFID or NFC variant is USD 295 or EUR 275 excluding VAT.
QR codes can be used to identify users if your Android tablet or mobile phone is equipped with a camera. These codes can be printed directly from the application using just a regular printer.

In NFC-enabled tablets the NFC chip reader is integrated into the tablet itself. NFC tags and even credit cards can be then used to enter attendance.
Tablet or mobile: What device should I choose
An external RFID reader can be attached to the tablets into the USB port, so "USB Host" support is required. The device should also have a separate power connector, since the USB port will be taken by the reader).
Tablet: What device should I choose
RFID reader: What reader should I choose
RFID chip: Which keychains should I choose
App cost depends on amount of active users

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  • 480 Kč
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GIRITON Systems s.r.o. is a young company with experiences in business-information systems. We focus on modern cloud systems and apps for smartphones and tablets.

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GIRITON Systems s.r.o.
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GIRITON Systems s.r.o.
Purkynova 127
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

tel: (+420) 776 829 991
GIRITON Systems s.r.o.
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