What is happening around GIRITON


We are constantly working on improving the GIRITON. Here on our blog you will always find the current list of news and things we have added to the system.

Integration: View your own web applications as agenda in GIRITON web app

You can add your own webapplications as agenda into the GIRITON web application. That way you can display any of your in-house web application or, for example, a shared Google Sheet in GIRITON as if it was a part of the GIRITON web application. See more in online help.


Integration: Load data from GIRITON into Google Sheets

Attendance GIRITON offers REST api that companies can use to integrate GIRITON into other systems.

Google Sheets can use REST api, making it easy to connect data from GIRITON to your Google Sheets. For example, everytime you open a Google Sheet, you can automatically retrieve a list of currently present users from GIRITON, list them in your spreadsheet, and continue working with that data using your own Excel formulas. For more information on linking GIRITON to Google Sheets, see the online help.


More convenient online help

We have added a button with a question mark “?” to the upper right part of the individual agendas in the web application. It opens the online help listed directly to particular chapter of the agenda you have currently opened.

When you for example open the Human Resources agenda and click the question mark at the top right, the online help chapter opens describing how to add new users to Human Resources. Moreover, we have added video tutorials to the most readed chapters which make the online help easier to work with.


You can now see user of Paired device

If you have a high amount of users using the My Attendance apps, it might be more complicated to know which Paired device belongs to which user in the Paired devices agenda.

A new column “Last logged user” has been added to this agenda in the bottom table. It shows which user is logged in to the app for the My Attendance device. That allows you to easily identify, what Paired Device are you looking at in he agenda.


You can now match users by email during import

Until now, it was necessary to match users by “User number” during import to Human Resources from Excel. The import did not add a new user but rather updated the existing user, if user in Excel had the same user number that already existed in Giriton. This ensures that even when repeating the same import, no duplicities will be created in Giriton. The consequence, however, is that the user numbers must not be changed in time.

However you may want to change the user numbers in some cases, for example when you want to “import new user numbers to existing users”. This is now possible because the importer of users offers the choice of the key which will be used for users pairing. You can choose User number or Email.


Projects are easily filtered by categories

Besides filtering by departments, we added also filtering by categories to the web application. You can now filter projects by categories as conveniently as on the My Attendance mobile app.


Homeoffice and Quarantine

Due to the current situation, when many employers are implementing Homeoffice operatively, we offer our quick help with configuring your account so that it offers Homeoffice activity, if it already did not offer it.

If you do not already have a Homeoffice added to your account, just send us the keyword “Homeoffice” to info@giriton.com. We will then immediately add the Homeoffice activity to your GIRITON. We will pre-configure it so that it will be displayed on both a mobile and a web application. 

Send us a “Quarantine” keyword and we will also add a new “Quarantine" activity to GIRITON, which we can preset so that it is added to the person for every other day until he / she comes back to work.

Of course you can do these changes by yourself in the system in User Menu - Attendance - Attendance activities, we just offer our help with that.


New planned task

We have added a new, already 28-th planned task, which allows you to set up regular sending of a selected report by email. You can automatically email users their own attendance for the past month, or managers can regularly receive attendance of their subordinates or just their problematic attendance records.


REST api to work with Shifts

With REST api you can newly read, add and edit the shifts. In addition, you can read and edit shift schedules as well as register user to shifts. Connection to other in-house systems is thus much easier. REST api documentation is here: https://rest.giriton.com/apidoc/


Data editing improvements

In Human Resources and Projects agenda, you can edit records in bulk for a long time, simply by selecting multiple records at once and making edits. However, it may happen that the user selected multiple records at once and did not realize that bulk edit was performed. So we added an indication that multiple records are being edited at once and also how many of these records are being edited.

Furthermore, when deleting records in Human Resources and in Projects, we added a 10-second countdown before performing the irreversible delete action. This should prevent accidental deletion of important data.


Improved switching between users in Attendance agenda

When some person is selected while viewing the attendance in Monthly view or Daily view mode and you switch to Person Detail mode, that selected person will be displayed. Switching between different data views is now more intuitive.


Easier work with Departments

We’ve improved the department-selection component, which now makes it easier to select a sub-departments if they do not have unique names. It also allows fulltext searching between departments, which will be appreciated especially by companies with a larger organizational structure.


News in reports

You can now also use the “Long-term attendance” print report to print data for a period of less than one month. Companies that work with weekly attendance can use this report to export time by individual weeks.

The new report “Attendance according to the shift plan” exports attendance as it would look if it was entered perfectly according to the shift schedule. In addition, the report allows you to adjust various print parameters.


Automatic insertion of breaks is smarter

The planned task for auto-insertion of breaks can be newly set so that it behaves differently on weekdays and differently on weekends or holidays. For example, on weekdays it can insert a break after 6 hours of work, while on weekends after 5 hours.


Display messages on Attendance clock

You can show messages when user clocks in on Attendance Clock. For example each time user clocks in, message can be shown if the user’s attendance contains errors.

In addition to attendance errors, you can also turn on birthday wishes, which are displayed to the user on the day of his birthday when clock in.

Notifications can be turned on by your attendance administrator in the User menu - Configuration - Notifications on terminals.


Imports, exports

We have improved the “Giriton XML” export format so that it now includes abbreviations and codes for individual attendance activities, which will enable smoother integration with other systems. It also offers the option “Export also empty values”, which when turned off, the exported file will be significantly reduced.


Improved REST api

For even easier integration to other systems, we are gradually adding more REST api methods. New methods have been added for complete department management, user relocation between departments, shift management and shift planners.

REST api documentation including instructions for how to use it is here: https://is.giriton.com/apidoc/


News in Calendar agenda

A calendar of birthdays has been added to the calendar resources, you can now view users’ birthdays in calendar if they have it filled in in Human Resources.

We have also improved the behavior of the calendar so that in the case of a multi-day holiday, one multi-day event is exported to external calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar,…) one multi-day event is exported and not many one-day events as before.


Print reports

The Holiday Fund report now includes employment start and employment end dates and department of the person. The report “Attendance overview” now offers “Exclude persons without data”, which will skip persons who were not active in the given period. Finally, unusual special characters that sometimes did not appear are now displayed correctly in the reports.


Current Attendance widget was improved

The Current Attendance widget now also displays the clock-in / clock-out times of your users. You can activate this option in the widget settings.


The shift plan can now be displayed also by weeks

We have added the option to display shifts for the period of: week, day, month or own period to the Shift Plan agenda. In addition, after clicking on the gear wheel, we have added the option to display the numbers of planned shifts in amount instead of the sum of their duration in hours.


Dual activities can have their own color now

Until now, the “Leave for Vacation” dual activities always been the same color as the inserted activity, in this case the Vacation. Now the color and icon of such buttons can be adjusted to any that suits you.


Submitting requests from My Attendance app is much easier

We have simplified submitting requests from the My Attendance app. If, for example, you apply for a doctor for the whole day, you do not have to bother with entering the time from - to, just leave it checked “for the whole day”.
In addition, we have added the option to delete submitted (and not yet approved) requests from the app.


We've added an attendance change notification

You can now add the planned task “Notify about attendance change” from the menu User - Administration. This can be configured to send an email notification to selected users in the event of a change in their shift or attendance records.


Attendance clock and My Attendance updates

The new version of the Attendance Clock app (for our wall-mount attendance clock, Android device, iOS, EET, PC and web) received, among other fixes and improvements, new features - if someone displayed their attendance on the clock or perhaps entered a vacation request but did not return to the home screen for entering attendance, the clock will do it automatically after a short period of inactivity.

The My Attendance app has also been improved. It is now possible to view individual attendance records of a specific day when viewing attendance (yours or others, depending on permissions).


A position or user number can now be displayed in front of the person's name

and thus make it easier to sort and filter users. If you want for example in Shift Plan to see people sorted not by name, but by user number or position name, you can.

The settings are accessible in the User menu - Settings - Attendance agenda settings.


The "Problematic attendance" widget can print

We have added a Print button to the “Problematic attendance” widget. This allows you to quickly create a print report with the names of people who have errors in their attendance. This widget allows you to filter people by department, or by the type of attendance error, which will make it easier for managers to correct the attendance.


Shift plan improvements

In the My Attendance app, you can now see the occupancy of individual shifts, and shifts that are occupied are displayed in gray. It is thus clear at first glance which shift is still free and which is already full.

In addition, icons appear in the main Web application in the Shift Schedule agenda to indicate that the shift schedule has been manually modified. So, for example, if someone has an even-odd week shift schedule and you operatively change their shift, that day will be marked with an icon indicating an adjustment.


My Attendance mobile app can filter Projects

In the My Attendance app, you can now filter projects by categories and by departments they belong to. If you have more projects, finding them now will be much easier.


The widget on the home screen can also display errors or warnings of other types

The widget “Problematic Attendance” can be added to the home screen by users with permission to view the attendance of others, now offers a selection of types of errors to display. You can have one widget on the home screen that shows unplanned absences, the second that shows attendance errors (clock-in was entered but clock-out was missing), and the third that only shows people and days on which manual attendance adjustments were made.


Inform about error in attendance

The 22nd planned task, which we have added to GIRITON, is called “Inform about errors in attendance”. This task can notify the user by email that in yesterday’s attendance or for example attendance of current week, there is some error. This will reduce the need for managers to correct errors made by users who were not even aware of them.


Agenda Attendance lets you filter users by clock-in time

In the Attendance agenda, we have added the option to filter the displayed users according to the time of clock-in. You can easily filter, for example, users who came between 7:00 and 8:00.


You can multi-edit tags in HR

In the Human Resources agenda, you can select more than one person at a time and change certain fields for all of them (for example Department or the number of vacation days). Now you can also edit the tags all selected persons together. This will make it easier in companies where permissions are set according to the tags (eg “do not count overtime for people with the noOvertime tag”).


Shift planners can now be imported

If you have a large number of different shift planners (different variants even week / odd week, …), you can now import this shift planners and set it directly to individual users in GIRITON. Excel and CSV formats are supported. This will be appreciated especially by companies with a larger number of users, for whom the shift plans may change every few months.


You can lock and unlock the attendance for several months at a time

When locking and unlocking the attendance, you can now select a period longer than one month. For example, you can easily unlock attendance from january until december and have overtimes recalculated with the adjusted settings.


We've added a more detailed filter to the Calendar

In Calendar, you could filter people from selected departments. It was possible to show for example, Vacations only of people in the Warehouse department. We have added a new “(specific person)” entry into the filter. There you can filter eg only people with the “Manager” tag, only people with the selected employment type or individual individual users whose attendance is then displayed in the calendar.


Empty day is an error

We have added a feature that marks completely empty day in attendance, that is without attendance, businesstrip, doctor etc., as attendance error that will not allow you to lock the attendance in given month.
While locking the attendance for multiple users, those who have a empty day will automatically be skipped and the list of such users will appear. This will make it easier for you to check your attendance before locking it.
In addition, you can see these people in the widget on your home screen so you easily identify that during the month and not at the end of it during attendance locking.
You can activate the feature in the “User menu - Attendance - Attendance activities” menu by adding the “Absence notification” activity.


New REST api method to access complete attendance data

There is a new REST api method /attendance/data which returns data of individual clock-ins/outs, businesstrips, vacations, daily and monthly sums for both attendance and work on projects. It is therefore an ideal option to integrate GIRITON with other systems for attendance and data processing.


We have improved Geofencing on My Attendance app

The new update for My Attendance app improves geofencing attendance for both the iOS and Android platform. Additionally, the application notifies you if your Android phone is missing some of the sensors required for smooth geofencing.


Attendance clock app update

We have released an update to Android Clock app in which we’ve improved reading NFC chips. NFC chips work much faster now on most tablets and phones. In addition we have added a new fullscreen option for the app at your request.


Improving the reports

The new option “Show minutes as a decimal” has been added to the “Daily sums per department”, “Attendance days, simplified”, “Attendance longterm sums”, and “Attendance longterm sums per month”. If you use these reports for further processing in Excel, work with the values will be much easier now.


Improving Attendance Agenda + New Display Mode

We have merged the Attendance and Attendance-Overview agendas. In the Attendance agenda you will now find the switch between display modes:
a) the entire month of one person
b) one day more people (formerly agenda Attendance-Overview)
c) monthly sums of more people (new one!)
With the new display mode, you can easily see the monthly attendance results of multiple users at once, and even edit them in the table.


New - already 20-th planned task

We have added a new planned task - there is 20 of them now! The new “Inform me about Employee probationary period” task will send you a mail or Slack message after the predefined number of days has elapsed since the new user started working.


Another Attendance Clock update

In case you use Attendance Clock GIRITON on Android tablet, and if any of the favorite POS apps are installed along with the clock on the tablet, the Attendance Clock app will show button for switching to that POS app.
Switching between Attendance Clock and POS app is so much easier now.
In case your favorite POS app is missing in the list, let us know and we will add it for you.


Attendance clock can unlock door

The wallmount Attendance Clock may also include relays that can be connected to the electronic door lock. When clocking in, the clock can unlock the door for you. In addition, we’ve added support for zones, so you can specify access for individual users.


New Planned Task "End employment for inactive users"

We’ve added a new Planned Task “End employment for inactive users”. If you have a large number of users in your company, such as contracting agencies, it may not be easy to keep track of job ending dates and add that manually into the system.

Now, you can use a new planned task to run the check either manually or automatically and to set end of employment date to the long-inactive users.


Attendance with Geofence

On the map, you mark areas. When a user (with the phone in pocket) enters the area, app records ClockIN. When user leaves the area, ClockOut is entered. Everything happens automatically via My Attendance mobile app.

In addition, we added the “My Info” section to My Attendance app. This section shows the remaining vacation or the remaining SickDays etc. We also improved filtering by departments in the “Other Users” section and we have added a new section “Project Plan”!


Attendance clock are a little better now

We have released update to the Attendance clock app. You can now change the amount and the order of the attendance-activity buttons displayed on the main screen.
We have added 5 new settings especially for working with projects. We’ve also improved the notifications on Attendance clock, so your profile photo is displayed if you have one set. For those who do not want to upload their photos, we are preparing an avatar gallery.


Attendance Clock will update itself...

Yesterday we released a new version of the Attendance Clock app. The update will be offered by a flashing green icon “i”. After you click on it, the update begins. This way our wallmount Attendance Clock were always updated …

But this is the last time you need to perform update manually. Yesterday’s version of Attendance Clock is able to perform following updates automatically. So last time, please, update your Attendance Clock, so the system can do that for you the next time.



In last days, we’ve added the following to the GIRITON web app:

- New planned action “Inform users about their applications not approved for longer than …”, which will send you a mail if your application (vacation, doctor, …) is waiting for approval longer than the specified number of days.
- New planned action “Generate attendance from Shift plan” automatically inserts attendance for selected users according to their shift plan. If you have people who do not want to clock-in themselves but needs to have attendance data, this is the ideal way.
- In Human Resources, the new columns “Department” and “Attendance Id” appear in the bottom table. That way you can quickly find out who belongs to which department without the clicking on a particular person.