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Integrate Giriton and Any SQL database

GIRITON can be integrated with any SQL or MDB database located in the client's internal network. In this way, it is usually possible to automatically synchronize, for example, HR or a list of Projects from an ERP, accounting or payroll system into GIRITON, if such a system has data stored in a SQL or MDB database. So when you create a new user in the payroll system, it will be automatically transferred to GIRITON in a moment.

The connection between GIRITON and the database in the client's internal network is provided by the GIRITON ProxyAgent application, which the client installs on a PC in his internal network.

Subsequently, in the GIRITON web application, you add the Scheduled task "Import from SQL database", in which you enter information for connecting to the database, a specific SQL command and mapping the results of the SQL command to a specific GIRITON agenda. In addition, GIRITON offers ready-made SQL queries for the most frequently used ERP and payroll systems, the range of which we are constantly expanding.

You can find instructions on how to activate Import from the SQL database in the online help here.

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