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The Positive Impact of Four-Legged Coworkers: 10 Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace


In recent years, more and more companies have become pet friendly offices, allowing their employees to bring their pets to work. And in most cases, it's mainly dogs. Their owners usually take a short stroll during lunch break to walk them. This trend is especially noticeable in smaller companies and larger cities.

It's not merely a passing trend; there are some solid reasons supporting its impact on both productivity and the overall office atmosphere. Discover the 10 key reasons why your business should consider creating a pet-friendly environment.

1. Enhancing Workplace Atmosphere

Having pets in the office can significantly contribute to a more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. They bring a sense of home, which may help alleviate stress and improve the overall mood of employees.

2. Nurturing Workplace Relationships

The inclusion of pets in the company setting promotes social interactions among employees. Engaging in activities like playing or feeding the animals not only strengthens team spirit but also enhances relationships among colleagues. Plus, having pets around often leads to lighthearted moments that bring smiles to the entire team (confirmed by experiences at Giriton:)).

3. Easing Stress and Anxiety

Studies highlights the positive impact of regular animal interaction in reducing stress levels, particularly in fast-paced work environments.

4. Boosting Productivity

Content and less stressed employees typically show higher levels of productivity. Having pets around can enhance concentration at work and decrease the need for breaks.

5. Appeal to New Hires

Companies with a pet-friendly culture are often seen as modern and innovative, making them more appealing to new hires seeking a flexible and welcoming work environment.

6. Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Having pets in the workplace can encourage employees, especially pet owners, to take breaks for walks, a simple yet effective way to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

7. Improved Employee Happiness

A workplace fostering a pet-friendly atmosphere can greatly improve employee satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to the company.

8. Enhancing Corporate Culture

Embracing a pet-friendly workplace not only mirrors values like openness, care, and innovation but also contributes to the company's culture and identity.

9. Achieving a Better Work-Life Balance

Employees don't have to deal with the dilemma of how to take care of their pet during working hours. There's no need to fret over leaving them alone at home for extended periods, promoting a more favorable work-life balance.

10. Positive Public Image

Businesses that support a pet-friendly environment tend to be perceived as socially responsible and caring, contributing positively to their brand image.What about the rules and regulations?When your business is in a leased space, it's essential to follow the guidelines set by the building owner. Additionally, consider incorporating specific rules for pet owners in your internal policies. For instance, you might include a requirement for third-party liability insurance for pets.


Creating a pet-friendly workplace comes with several advantages, ranging from enhancing the overall office atmosphere to boosting productivity and employee contentment. However, any decision to implement such a policy should be approached with careful consideration, addressing potential issues such as allergies or safety concerns. On the whole, pet-friendly offices represent a modern approach to the work environment, increasingly favored by both employees and employers alike.

Pets in Giriton

Here at Giriton, we're proud to be a pet-friendly workplace. Currently, our four-legged companion, Thor, brightens our days twice a week. Martin, Thor's owner, emphasizes that the pet-friendly environment was a very important factor when choosing his new job, a question he consistently raised during job interviews. At Giriton, our policy is simple: pets should not disrupt others, they should be well-behaved, and their owners must always have them under control. We welcome Thor and other pets into our workspace, believing it positively influences our team dynamics.

Pet friendly office at Giriton

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