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5 Tips for a Fundamental Company Culture Transformation


You've got surveys and regular employee interactions in place, but your company's culture still falls short of your ideal vision? The larger the organization, the more challenging it becomes to navigate through various opinions and ideas, making it difficult to determine the right course of action. Here are some practical tips to begin improving the atmosphere within your organization.

When you think about your job, what immediately comes to mind? What topics arise when discussing your workplace with friends? For most, it's the work environment, their colleagues, and the overall feeling associated with their job. These discussions often center around their organization's mission, purpose, and the methods employed to achieve its goals. All of these elements are encompassed by a single term - company culture. In other words, it's about the way the company acts, the values it embraces, and how things are carried out within its operations. If this concept is still unfamiliar to you, dive into our article, to get the lowdown on everything related to company culture.

Wondering how the atmosphere in your office is linked to your company's success, customer satisfaction, or revenue? According to a number of surveys, it's absolutely crucial. Companies with a strong company culture have seen a fourfold increase in revenue. Another study revealed that engaged employees can boost profits by 21 percent and customer satisfaction by 10 percent. These findings alone make it clear that company culture deserves your attention. If you haven't already, and you're just guessing where you stand, it's essential to focus on measurement and data collection right off the bat. Find out how to do just that in this article.

You might be in the habit of conducting employee surveys, checking out anonymous reviews on platforms like Atmoskop or Glassdoor, and utilizing third-party tools to assess your company's culture. And you have so many suggestions and ideas that you don't really know where to start. If you identify with this scenario and you're seeking practical advice on fostering and improving a vibrant company culture, here are some proven tips to help you get started.

1. Start with the Heart of Your Organization

Begin by understanding your organization's purpose, its goals, and the path it intends to follow. Do you have a well-defined vision, mission, and corporate values? And are these principles genuinely integrated into every aspect of your company's operations? Or are they merely slogans hanging on office walls and catchphrases on your website? Research suggests that employees grasp company culture best through the company's mission and values, recognition and celebrations, and its approach to employee performance. These elements help people understand what defines the organization and what matters most to it. Align your "why" with reality and your vision. Consistently and clearly communicate your strategy and values.

2. Set an Example

There's a saying, "the fish stinks from the head," and it holds true for organizations. If the leadership doesn't lead by example and genuinely embody the values and vision of the company, employees won't either. Therefore, all actions and decisions should align with your vision and purpose, and it's essential to communicate this context to your team.

3. Embrace the Company Culture

Make sure that elements of your company culture are integrated into the daily activities within your organization. This is the key to breathing life into your values. If long-term sustainability and the well-being of your employees are your priorities, consider for example implementing a rule where your team isn't expected to respond to work emails or phone calls after 6 pm or on the weekends.

4. Talk About Your Company Culture

Engage in discussions about your company culture not only with employees but also with your customers, business partners, and potential candidates. Your organization's values should shine through in your interactions with everyone, and they should also play a role in your recruitment process. Define your EVP (Employee Value Proposition); it will help you clarify your competitive edge in the job market, why people should choose to work for your company, and highlight your core priorities. If you can express this clearly, you'll save a considerable amount of time, money, and frustration. You'll also be more likely to attract new employees who seamlessly fit into your corporate culture.

5 tips for improving your company culture

5. Provide Feedback, Recognition, and Opportunities for Growth

It's crucial for employees to feel seen and heard by their supervisors. Make an effort to ensure that employees have regular interactions with at least their immediate supervisors. Provide them with a space where they can ask questions, express concerns, and share their ideas. Feedback should be also a common practice, whether it's ongoing input on their work or post-project evaluations. This feedback should be constructive, aiming to reinforce what's working well and identify actionable steps for improvement in areas of weakness. This process encourages personal and professional growth. Recognizing outstanding performance is equally important, and doing so publicly, in front of their peers, can be a powerful motivator.

Our tip:

A simple "thank you" can be a powerful tool for improving company culture. Deloitte's research reveals that 54% of employees prefer verbal appreciation for their performance. This small gesture can yield significant results.

Company culture goes beyond perks like foosball games, fresh fruit at the office, or fun Christmas parties. It's a complex web of everyday actions and choices. It exists, whether you actively take care of it or not. When neglected, it can quickly become harmful. However, with proper care and attention, it can result in content employees, satisfied customers, and an exciting Monday morning atmosphere to look forward to.

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