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Are You Ready for Whistleblowing? A Policy That Could Impact You as Well


In the upcoming months, a new legislation governing whistleblowing, a mechanism enabling employees to report fraudulent or unethical actions within their workplace, is set to take effect once it receives approval. The term whistleblowing has been thrown around more and more in recent weeks, we’ve put together some key insights to help you sail smoothly through this change and the upcoming directive. So, what should your company be gearing up for in preparation?

Whistleblowing: What Is It?

Starting this year, the newly enacted legislation aims to empower whistleblowers to report instances of corruption, legal violations, fraud, bribery, and other illicit or unethical activities. A whistleblower is someone who raises concerns about such behavior within their organization, or intends to do so, but has been deterred by fears of retaliation, such as job loss. The new Whistleblowing Act places an obligation on companies to establish an easily accessible reporting mechanism.

In addition to safeguarding whistleblowers, this proposed measure aims to shield organizations and society at large from the harm that inappropriate conduct can cause.

The European Whistleblower Protection Directive kicked into action in 2021, requiring every EU country to adopt it as part of their legal framework.

At Giriton, we're delighted to assist you in implementing the Whistleblowing system. Setting up an account is just 2 clicks away. The Whistleblowing module can be used by companies either alongside the Attendance module or as a standalone feature.

Whistleblowing Has Its Benefits Too

Despite the appearance of added bureaucracy and obligations due to the new legislation, it comes with several advantages for organizations.

One significant advantage is the potential to avert unnecessary legal disputes. This is mainly because early reporting of issues allows for internal resolution, ideally preventing disputes from becoming public and safeguarding the organization's reputation.

Another benefit of implementing a notification system is the opportunity to enhance company culture. Increased transparency can cultivate trust, ultimately boosting employee productivity and commitment. Employees who trust their organization and recognize its commitment to preventing illegal or unethical actions are more likely to actively contribute to its long-term growth and success.

Once employees become familiar with using the whistleblowing software, it can evolve into a popular tool for submitting general suggestions to improve the company's operations.

Choosing the Right System

The perfect whistleblowing software should serve as an all-encompassing platform, providing organizations with the necessary tools to facilitate the entire whistleblowing process, from reporting to resolution. It's essential to emphasize that such a system should prioritize accessibility, security, and trustworthiness.

The whistleblowing system should offer employees the flexibility to select their preferred reporting method. According to the law, they will have the option to report misconduct through written, verbal, or in-person communication.

Companies also have the option to integrate various reporting channels. This means combining the utilization of whistleblowing software, a dedicated email address, a specialized telephone line, a physical mailbox, and in-person meetings. However, it's crucial that the designated individual receiving these notifications is authorized and well-trained for this role.

Utilizing whistleblowing software as the primary channel for receiving notifications comes with several notable advantages. Chief among these is its accessibility, allowing whistleblowers to use it virtually anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, it offers the submitter the crucial benefit of anonymity, which fosters trust in the reporting process. From the company's perspective, it brings them simple and clear notification management.

Whistleblowing and its significance

Take Action with Giriton!

Giriton provides a specific Whistleblowing tool that companies can implement independently or in combination with the GIRITON Attendance System. By activating the Whistleblowing module, companies gain the ability to oversee solvers, notification categories, and submission forms. There are no restrictions on the number of whistleblowers, whether they are internal or external parties involved. Moreover, whistleblowers have the option to submit notifications via the web, including the attachment of necessary documents. Additionally, they can engage in anonymous chats with the recipient of their notifications.

If a company employing the GIRITON Attendance system activates the GIRITON Whistleblowing module, it gains the capability to conveniently submit notifications through the mobile app or directly from the punch clock.

For businesses utilizing GIRITON Attendance and seeking advanced whistleblowing features, integration with an external whistleblowing system, known as FaceUp, is also available. This option provides various functionalities based on the selected FaceUp tariff. These functionalities cover all the mentioned usage options, including notification submission via the app or punch clock. Management is directly handled within the FaceUp portal.

Implementing a whistleblowing system doesn't have to be a daunting task for companies. We're here to explore a customized solution that suits your specific requirements. Get your organization ready for this new regulation in advance. Reach out to us today at +420 728 543 275 or email We're eager to assist you.

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