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Artificial Intelligence - Job Stealer or Great Assistant? Learn How to Smartly Utilize It in the HR Field


Should we fear artificial intelligence and start looking for a new job that our computers can’t handle yet? Or should we welcome it as a fantastic assistant that saves us time and relieves us from boring tasks? Experts and the general public worldwide are trying to answer this question. Smart applications are also making their way into HR. So, it’s time to explore what artificial intelligence is already doing in the HR realm and how to smartly utilize it at work.

One of the most talked-about terms this year is AI (Artificial Intelligence). The European Parliament defines it as the ability of machines to display human-like capabilities. These “smart” machines can think about problems, learn from mistakes, plan, or carry out creative tasks. While many companies have been using artificial intelligence in their devices and applications for several years, AI has recently caught the attention of the general public, especially due to available chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, and Q.

As new apps can generate images, translate, create marketing strategies, and program, all within a few seconds, a debate has been sparked about how crucial the impact of AI is and will be on the job market. It’s already evident that the way we work is about to change significantly. Skeptics fear that the rise of artificial intelligence will result in increased unemployment. They predict that very soon, everyone from advertising copywriters to graphic designers to translators will find themselves with little to do. Optimists, on the other hand, reassure the public and proclaim that the rise of AI is good news. They believe that people won’t face job losses; instead, they’ll be freed from various routine tasks. They’ll have a helper who will create the necessary spreadsheet, report, or assist in contemplating a new strategy or plan. According to AI enthusiasts, machines will thus free people’s hands and create space for the more enjoyable and creative aspects of their professions.

How will AI impact HR?

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is making its mark in human resources management as well. HR expert Josh Bersin boldly stated that AI would dramatically revolutionize the field of HR technology. And he seems to have hit the mark, as it’s already beginning to significantly alter existing practices and standards across all HR domains.

1. Recruitment

Thanks to AI tools, recruiters no longer have to read through hundreds of CVs. Artificial intelligence can scan them in seconds and find the most suitable candidates. It can even send these people a job offers straight away. Chatbots can aid in crafting a job advertisement or, alternatively, generate a profile of the ideal candidate based on the job ad. They can also answer basic questions from candidates about the company or the position or can even conduct the first round of interviews.

Examples of tools: hireEZ, Paradox, Fetcher, Manatal

2. Onboarding

An effective chatbot can significantly ease the initial weeks for new employees in a company. It can answer their questions, guide them through company policies and key processes. This means that newcomers won’t have to figure out who to approach with a particular question, and HR won’t be burdened with repeatedly asked questions.

Examples of tools: Onboardee, Lattice, BambooHR

3. Performance

Artificial intelligence has the capability to reliably predict how individual employees will likely perform. It can identify potential issues and offer suggestions for improvement. It can also analyze performance over a specific period. For instance, based on completed tasks, engagement levels in company projects, and feedback from colleagues. The direct supervisor can then approach the evaluation interview, equipped with specific recommendations customized to the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Examples of tools: Eightfold, HiRUM, Visier

4. Turnover Rate and Engagement

Artificial intelligence excels in assessing a company’s mood through the analysis of questionnaires and employee feedback. This allows for an early grasp of dissatisfaction within your workforce related to particular operational domains or decisions. Through analysis, AI can offer recommendations on addressing these issues and suggest improvements. It also predicts potential turnover rates based on compiled data if no changes are implemented. This proactive approach helps prevent staff losses by enabling timely intervention, rather than waiting for turnover to begin.

Examples of tools: Praisidio, Workleap, Workday

What can AI do to make your job easier if you work in HR?

5. Ensuring Compliance and Risk Management

Artificial intelligence can help the HR department ensure that company procedures and regulations comply with legal and regulatory requirements through automated checks and alerts. It can also identify potential risks within the HR domain, such as discrimination or harassment, by analyzing trends in employee behavior and communication.

Examples of tools: Compliance, OneTrust, Riskonnect

The mentioned areas are just a small demonstration of what artificial intelligence can do and how it can assist recruiters. It’s apparent that it won’t simply disappear from our lives anytime soon, so ignoring it doesn’t make sense. Many experts emphasize that the real job threat isn’t AI itself but rather the lack of expertise in leveraging its power.

Author's note: Research for this article was provided by artificial intelligence.

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