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Do you keep attendance records in spreadsheets? Here are the pros and cons of Excel


Excel is undoubtedly a great tool that brings order to various aspects of a company's operations. From managing stock in the warehouse to tracking employee attendance, spreadsheets clarify and streamline these processes. However, even Excel has its limits, and over time, it might introduce more limitations than benefits. So, who benefits from using Excel, and who should consider another solution?

When it comes to timesheets, many organizations have moved from a notebook on a concierge desk to modern spreadsheets on a computer. Suddenly, there was more clarity and order in things, and the risk of the organization facing fines for losing the time book was eliminated, as it is legally required to record employees' working time.

Improperly kept working hours are the most common reason for fines. Are all your records in order?

The main advantage of tracking attendance in Excel is that it is free; moreover, employees are often used to it. So why consider making changes?

The problem is that this is a suitable solution for very small companies. But once an organization has the ambition to grow over time, it becomes a short-term tool that will quickly become insufficient. In such cases, a timely transition to a modern attendance system can save not only trouble, but also money in the long run. How is this possible? For example, the data in modern attendance systems is accurate and eliminates human error, which, in extreme cases, can lead to fines from, for example, the labor inspectorate. Also, employees don't have to enter all the data into the system manually, allowing them to focus on their work, which ultimately earns the organization more money.

Other benefits of modern attendance systems:

  • Compliance with changing legislation.
  • Automated email notifications e.g. for leave requests.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar and MS Office allows you to see who is on leave directly within the calendar.
  • Elimination of errors.
  • Monitoring of statutory limits (e.g. for FTEs and FTEs).
  • Automatic calculation of holiday entitlements, meal vouchers etc.
  • Integration with accounting and other systems.
  • Possibility to use other functions e.g. shift planning, door unlocking, or ordering lunches directly from the taps.

Once you discover the numerous ways a modern attendance system can make your job easier, you'll wonder why you didn't have one in your company sooner. With it, you can easily manage employee arrivals and departures, shift scheduling, and holiday planning - freeing up your time for other important tasks. We would be happy to advise you on a solution tailored specifically for your organization. To arrange a consultation with us, please call us at +420 728 543 275, email or try the system free of charge.

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