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Enjoy Stress-Free Summer Holidays: How an Attendance System Can Simplify Planning and Administration


The summer holiday season has arrived, bringing with it the usual planning and administrative tasks. However, with the Giriton system, these tasks become effortless. Explore the features that can simplify your life, whether you're an employee, manager, or HR manager.

Managing your organization during the summer months can be more challenging due to employees taking their vacations. Careful planning is necessary to keep track of replacements and employees' remaining leave entitlements.

The Giriton attendance system can ease this administrative load by providing a range of features to manage critical tasks on your behalf. Furthermore, its operation is intuitive, so that it can be easily handled by almost all employees.

Monitoring Leave Balances

Are you an HR professional bombarded with inquiries about remaining vacation days, often leaving you puzzled and inundated with texts and calls? If this scenario sounds all too familiar, you'll find our balance display feature invaluable. Employees can effortlessly check their remaining vacation days directly from the punch clock, mobile app, or the website. Additionally, they can instantly access information about available sick days, telecommuting days, and more.

Seamless Application Submission in the System

Applying for leave has never been easier. Thanks to the attendance system, employees can submit leave requests to their supervisors at any time, including directly from the punch clock. This feature is particularly beneficial for manufacturing companies where access to smartphones or computers may be limited. It also proves valuable in multi-shift operations where employees have limited in-person interactions with their supervisors.

On the other hand, companies with remote or home office employees will make use of the mobile application. This app allows individuals to access the shift schedule and check their vacation or compensatory leave balances, among other features.

If you require maximum flexibility, accessing the attendance system through the web is the ideal choice. You can log in anytime, from anywhere. This accessibility isn't limited to just employees and their submissions; managers can also approve requests, whether they're at home or on the other side of the world, for instance.

Setting Up Limits

Thanks to the system, concerns about understaffing on the shop floor or the absence of critical employees with unique skills during vacations become a thing of the past. You can simply set limits, which the attendance system then automatically monitors. For instance, you might specify that all managers cannot take vacation leave simultaneously, or you can require the presence of at least one senior stock clerk in the warehouse. These rules help prevent potential issues down the line.

Enjoy Stress-Free Summer Holidays

Automatic Notifications

All requests are stored in a single place within the attendance system, making them readily accessible for review. That way, they won't even slip past busy managers. As soon as they receive a new request, they will be notified by the system. It also sends automatic notifications to employees as soon as their requests are approved. This streamlines the entire process, ensuring clarity and transparency. All parties are kept informed of the progress, allowing them to concentrate on their work rather than monitoring requests.

Integration with Other Systems

The Giriton attendance system can be easily connected to other systems. Besides the invaluable connection to the payroll software, you can also use the calendar connection to make your work easier. It enables everyone to track vacation and time-off schedules, promoting improved coordination among employees. Additionally, it provides a clear overview of colleagues' availability at the workplace, including their return from summer vacations.

We wish you a fantastic summer filled with minimal holiday administration hassles. If you don't have a modern attendance system to simplify your processes, please get in touch with us at +420 728 543 275 or via email at, and we'll be delighted to assist you.

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