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HR Basics: What Is It and What Are the Main Tasks of HR?


HR stands for Human Resources. HR is concerned with managing all aspects of the relationship between employers and employees. This discipline covers a wide range of activities, from recruitment, selection, onboarding (integrating new employees into the company), to benefits administration, performance appraisal, training and employee development. The goal of HR is to maximize the productivity of the organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees while ensuring that the company complies with all relevant legal standards regarding labor relations. The challenge is therefore to ensure that there are sufficient employees with the right skills and experience.

The Main Tasks of HR Include:

1. Recruitment And Selection:

Identifying the organization’s workforce needs and then selecting the most suitable candidates for vacant positions. This includes sourcing suitable candidates, publishing job advertisements (E.g.,. on job portals or social media) or creating other media campaigns to reach potential employees. The next step is to communicate with candidates, organize and conduct job interviews and then select employees.

2. Onboarding And Training:

Ensuring smooth integration of new employees into the organization so that they can do their jobs as soon as possible. Providing training and educational programs to develop their skills. Learn exactly how to go about onboarding in this article. During onboarding, HR managers can find the HR system very helpful in creating and managing all the necessary documents and contracts. Including their generation and signatures thanks to electronic signing.

3. Performance Management:

Performance management is used in HR to set performance goals for individual employees as well as for entire teams or the entire organization. It is the setting of so-called KPIs (key performance indicators). In addition to setting targets, HR managers should collect feedback to enable employees to develop their potential.

4. Development And Training:

Planning and implementing programs for professional and personal development of employees. An important part of HR's job is to listen to employees and support their professional development. Training has a positive impact not only on the employee but also on the company as a whole.

5. Managing Benefits And Rewards:

Designing and administering compensation and employee benefit systems, including pension plans and health insurance, is a key part of HR responsibilities. The Giriton HR system can help you manage and review benefits for individual employees. In Giriton, you can set up your own agendas, so you don't have to remember which employee is using which benefit.

What are the main tasks of HR in the company?

6. Care For Labor Relations:

Ensuring compliance with labor laws, resolving disputes, and promoting good relations between employees and management, the HR department influences and cares for the entire company culture. It is primarily about how the company communicates with employees but must not forget how it communicates outward.

7. Offboarding:

Terminating the employment relationship with an employee involves several steps to ensure a smooth process for both parties. The goal of offboarding is to maintain a professional relationship, enable the transfer of work and information, manage entrusted equipment and property, and revoke access privileges. This process ensures the proper resolution of all administrative matters related to the employee's departure.


The HR department takes on many other tasks. Even today, a significant part of their working time is administration and paperwork. At Giriton, we are working to automate and digitize these processes so that HR people can take care of more important things than copying employee data into various contracts and forms. With Giriton's HR system, you can generate all sorts of documents including employment contracts. In just a few clicks, you can download a document filled with your data for printing or even for signing. You can send these documents directly to the employee for a digital signature. You can then access your signed documents online from anywhere.

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