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10 Benefits of a Modern Attendance System for You and Your Employees


Are you considering getting an attendance system, but still unsure if just an Excel spreadsheet or a notebook for taking notes at the entrance is enough? Are you worried that adopting a modern "punch clock" might be more trouble than it's worth? Here are 5+5 reasons why both you and your employees will love the new attendance system.

Perhaps your current attendance system is no longer adequate or has become outdated. When considering a change, it's natural to evaluate the pros and cons of new solutions. To save you time, we've written down the main benefits of modern attendance systems for you.

1. Greater security

A modern attendance system takes your security to a new level. You can assign access to individual data to only certain managers or employees. Individual permission groups will then have access only to specific agendas (Attendance, Shift Plan, Requests, Injury Book...) and you can restrict this to editing or just viewing the data. This way, you can ensure that unauthorized persons do not get access to your employees' data.

Also, thanks to the attendance system, you will have a constant overview of who has ever been on the premises. It can also be linked to door unlocking, which will make it easier to operate and increase security on the premises.

2. Protection from fines

An unexpected inspection from the labor inspectorate will no longer catch you by surprise. Thanks to the modern attendance system, you will have the necessary data organized and in accordance with the current legislation in force.

3. Quick payback

Although the purchase of an attendance system is undoubtedly an expense, you will quickly recoup your investment. For example, in the form of increased efficiency, time savings, and increased productivity. Your HR staff and managers will be able to focus on more important things than checking attendance, planning shifts and collecting data for the payroll department.

In Giriton Attendance, you only pay for active users in a given month.

4. Adaptability

The system adapts to your company culture and the way you work. So you don't have to change what you are used to and what suits you. It can record work from home and work in the field. You can take attendance at the door, on the web app, or on the mobile app. In addition, GIRITON attendance can be easily connected to more than 40 other commonly used company systems. So there's no complicated getting used to.

5. Flexibility

Thanks to the cloud solution, you can access the data you need at any time, and from anywhere. With a modern attendance system, you have maximum flexibility that spreadsheets or time and attendance books don't offer.

Benefits for employees.

But the new attendance system is not only appreciated by the company management. Employees usually like it immediately too, because it makes their lives much easier as well.

6. Easy to use

If you opt for GIRITON Attendance, employees will appreciate the intuitive and easy-to-use system. They don't have to spend hours on training and struggle with a new unfamiliar system where they don't know what to click on. They can easily record their attendance both at the workplace and in the field, for example, via the user-friendly mobile app.

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7. Shift summaries

In GIRITON Attendance, employees will have a constant overview of their scheduled shifts. Not only can they view them at any time on the punch clock, the website and on their mobile phone, but they can also easily change and swap them.

8. Quickly send requests

Through the attendance system, employees can also handle requests for leave, telecommuting, doctor's appointments, etc. They will have their requests in one place and the system will also notify them via notification once their request is approved by their supervisor.

9. Constant overview

Employees will appreciate that they no longer have to go to the HR department to ask how many vacation days they have left. They can instantly view all balances and overtime in the attendance system.

10. Attendance and lunch in a few clicks

You can integrate the attendance system with other software you use in your company. For example, you can use the integration with the lunch ordering system, allowing employees to easily order food for the whole week from the punch clock or mobile and web apps, taking into account which days they will be at work. This will then make the payroll department's job easier if you are contributing to employees' meals.

In short, getting a new attendance system has benefits for everyone. It will be appreciated by both the management of the organization and the employees. If you want to see for yourself, we will be happy to introduce the system and its features. Arrange a no-obligation demonstration of the system by calling +420 728 543 275 or emailing Or try out GIRITON Attendance for 14 days for free.

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