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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Modern Attendance System Today


By law, every employer must record employees' working hours. However, some employers still rely on attendance record books or Excel spreadsheets and are a bit reluctant to make any changes. This is often out of concern that modern systems are complicated and rather expensive. Here are a few reasons why you should start considering a more advanced attendance system today.

One of the many obligations of employers in the Czech Republic is to keep careful records of when employees' working hours start and end. They are also required to keep track of mandatory breaks, night shifts, overtime, or on-call time. In addition to fulfilling the legal obligation to record working hours, the records are also used to calculate wages.

Many companies have handled this regulation in their own way. At the entrance, there is often a notebook in which employees write their names or they may use a spreadsheet to record their working hours. However, this practice has become outdated, unnecessary and can at times pose risks. So, what are the benefits of using modern attendance systems, and why should we overcome our fear of change?

It Saves You the Trouble

With electronic attendance, you will no longer have to worry about whether you are meeting your legal obligations. In fact, updates to the latest legislation are included. So, if the government adopts some change that concerns attendance, you don't even need to know about it because your attendance system is already notified.

If you have the cloud version of the system, in addition to updates, you are not responsible for backups and system security, unlike running electronic attendance on your own servers. Having an advanced attendance system simply means you have fewer concerns.

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It Will Pay for Itself

A common concern and reason for not getting a modern “punch clock” is the price. Companies worry that it will be a high expense without any return on investment. But in fact, the very opposite is true. Advanced attendance systems offer a return on investment in the form of time savings and increased productivity. Thanks to their user-friendly interface and integration with HR and payroll systems, they save time for accountants or HR staff, allowing them to focus on other tasks. The system also provides easy shift scheduling and make the use of human resources as clear and efficient as possible. Additionally, they provide reminders for important dates, such as the end of a trial period. In addition to integrating with many other company systems, our attendance system also includes a whistleblowing module, offering multiple functionalities within a single system.

Additionally, a modern attendance system offers a higher level of security. Without the appropriate credentials, such as a card or fingerprint, a modern attendance system will not grant access to unauthorized individuals. This way, you can also regulate activity in certain parts of the company where only some employees have access.

It Will Adapt to Your Needs

People are sometimes afraid of having to change their ways of working and their company culture to fit a new system. But with the variety of features available, today's attendance systems can be customized to your company's needs and culture. This means you can use them even if half of your employees work remotely from home or the beach, for example. Thanks to a mobile app or the ability to log in via the web, attendance can be recorded from anywhere. In addition, GIRITON also provides the possibility to record work on projects, which is useful when it comes to invoicing clients for the hours worked.

If the majority of your employees belong to Generation Z, and you're concerned that they might see the traditional punch clock at the entrance as outdated and intrusive, while also worrying about their reliability in recording their attendance, you have the option to set up a perimeter. That is, to select some distance from your office at which attendance will be recorded. As soon as someone with the Giriton mobile app on their phone steps into this marked zone, their arrival will be automatically recorded, eliminating any worries or inconveniences for them.

The app also comes in handy if you have most of your people somewhere in the field. The system also offers a variant for cases when employees do not have company phones or smartphones. IoT punch clocks can record real-time attendance using cards and chips from anywhere a cell signal is available. This way you can easily check, for example, which workers have arrived at the construction site in the morning.

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It Will Please the Employees

If you're hesitant to change the system because you're not sure how your employees will take the news, let us calm you down. Modern attendance systems are very intuitive to use, so they don't require some complicated training. In addition, they also enable employees to handle various tasks within a single system, such as swapping shifts, requesting leave, checking their balance, tracking hours worked and overtime, recording project work, and much more. And that's something employees will quickly and happily get used to.

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Moreover, attendance can be recorded through a variety of methods, including a wall-mounted punch clock, using chips, cards, biometric data, numerical PINs, QR codes, as well as through a mobile application, web access, or automatic generation. You can then select the method that best fits your company's and your employees' needs.

You'll Set It Up Quickly

Running in the cloud, the system is very easy and fast to set up. You can start using it almost immediately after you create your company account. You will also get technical support via phone, email, and chat, ensuring that any request can be promptly dealt with.

We will be happy to assist you with the selection of an attendance system. Please contact us by email or by phone +420 728 543 275. We are always happy to discuss everything with you and show you that it is possible to keep attendance records in a simple and efficient way and that an attendance system can become your reliable partner.

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