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Fleet Management: How to Digitize and Automate


It's rare to find a company nowadays that doesn't have company cars in its fleet. Most companies either own or lease them. Keeping track of the expanding fleet and recording details like service inspections, MOT tests, or vignette expiration dates is therefore quite important. This way, you won't forget important data, and you'll keep everything under control.

The new GIRITON system is now designed to also help you with fleet management. Within our HR module, you'll find the Fleet Records feature. It compiles all the necessary information about the company's vehicles. Not only does it provide an overview, but it also monitors and reminds you of important data or offers the printing of forms that automatically adapt to the specific vehicle.

With GIRITON's Fleet Records feature, you can:

  • Keep track of vehicles - including current mileage, for example via a mobile app.
  • Assign cars to individual users.
  • Track important dates - such as insurance expiration, MOT test, medical kit, and more.
  • Receive timely notifications about upcoming deadlines - including warranty inspections due to mileage.
  • Generate documents and handover reports.
Fleet Management: How to Digitize and Automate

It alerts you via notifications

GIRITON enables automatic notifications to be sent when a set condition is met. You can set up your own notifications or utilize ready-made ones:

  • Vehicle warranty inspection is coming up (mileage) - the notification is sent 1.000 km before the set value in the “Warranty inspection at [km]” field, regardless of the set validity date of the warranty inspection itself.
  • Vehicle warranty inspection (date) approaching - notification is sent 30 days before the warranty inspection date.
  • Approaching MOT date - notification will be sent 30 days before the MOT date.
  • Approaching medical kit replacement deadline - 30 days prior to the deadline.
  • Approaching vignette replacement deadline - notification will be sent 30 days prior to vignette expiration.

Digitize your HR records with the GIRITON Attendance system and the GIRITON HR system. It will simplify your work, automate tedious and routine tasks, and remind you of important deadlines. What can GIRITON do for you?

You can establish individual notifications for specific HR personnel. They will then receive an email notification on the designated date reminding them of upcoming deadline. Additionally, you can synchronize these dates with your calendar and set viewing and editing rights for individual users.

Documents and reports

Fleet records include document templates that you can generate directly for a specific vehicle. When assigning a vehicle to an employee, the Vehicle-Acceptance Report may be useful. Moreover, if an employee is traveling abroad, you can produce a document called Confirmation of Use of a Company Car for a Foreign Trip. You can swiftly generate all these documents filled with your data in a few clicks within the system. Furthermore, you can directly send them directly to your employees for electronic signature. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate your own documents as templates into the system.

If you're already utilizing the GIRITON Attendance or HR system and wish to start recording your fleet, explore our online help or reach out to our technical support team, who will be happy to assist you in setting it up.

If you are not using our systems yet but would like to learn more about the HR system or GIRITON Attendance, please contact us on +420 728 543 275 or email We will be happy to show you what the system can help you with.

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