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Planning to Get an Attendance System? Discover How Easy it is to Implement Giriton


Are you curious about our GIRITON attendance system but unsure about what to prepare for and what to expect? Well, now, let's explore what our usual implementation process looks like. You'll discover how long it takes from the initial contact to the point where you can start using our attendance system in your company. And, of course, what you should consider in advance. You'll find some practical advice on selecting the right attendance system in our previous article.

Initial Contact and Introduction of the System

We are pleased that you are interested in the GIRITON attendance system. Letting us know about your interest is the best first step in the whole process. You can for example send an e-mail to or call us on +420 728 543 275. Perhaps you've already reached out to us through chat or the contact form. Whichever way you go, you can expect to hear from our sales team soon. They'll be keen to learn about your basic needs and help with any questions you may have.

Next, you can schedule a more detailed demonstration of our system. Typically, this meeting takes around 45 minutes, and in most cases, it's held online. During the meeting, we'll walk you through all the key features of the system, introduce you to various punch clock options, and guide you through our mobile app.

We'll also chat about your company, your plans for using the attendance system, and your expectations from it. This discussion will help us determine whether a punch clock is needed, and which type would suit you best. It's also possible that your employees might be perfectly comfortable with a web and mobile app instead,

We'll also discuss the features you'd prefer in the system or suggest some based on your intended use. Do you run on shifts? Does your company operate on a project-oriented model? Which payroll software do you wish to export your attendance data to?

Following our meeting, we'll send you a recap of the discussed information, along with a personalized quote tailored to your business and your requirements. You will be given the space and time to think things through thoroughly and, if necessary, ask any other questions you may have.

Simple and Quick Implementation

If our offer aligns with your needs and we're on the same page, the implementation phase will kick off. With the information we've gathered from you and our years of experience, this is a straightforward process that involves the following steps. Typically, GIRITON attendance system can be up and running within two weeks.

The first step of this phase is that you'll either create an account on our website or place an order for a punch clock. We have most models in stock, so we are able to ship them immediately after the payment.

The installation of the punch clock is so simple that the majority of clients do it themselves. However, if you find it challenging and particularly if you need to integrate the device with a turnstile, we'd be glad to arrange a technician's visit to ensure everything is up and running smoothly.

Once your account has been set up or a punch clock installed, technical support will help you to import your employee list, set permissions, and complete the punch clock setup if necessary. If you work in shifts, they will help you set up your shift-plan. You may also set up meal allowance calculations, overtime, rounding or various other functions together.

We can also offer video training if you would like to go back to the setup information. However, this is not usually necessary. We work hard to make our system as intuitive as possible. During the setup process, you'll go over any requirements with our technical support team, and they will remain accessible to assist you further.

The web application is just as easy to set up. After registration, our online support will guide you through the first steps.

Typically, Giriton attendance system can be up and running within two weeks

Continuous Refinements

With your online account created and the punch clock installed and configured, you're all set to use our attendance system. This step allows the initial data from your company to flow into the system, enabling us to make ongoing adjustments and address any remaining details as necessary.

So, what’s on our agenda? We're focusing on various aspects such as rounding, overtime calculations, compensatory time off, automated attendance completion for managers, rules for request submission and approval, and the setup of notifications (e.g., end of trial period, end of employment, and late arrivals). As we approach the end of the month, we'll also be working on establishing and testing the data export to the payroll system.

Don’t worry, this isn't the end of our assistance. The system price includes technical support, which is accessible on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm via phone, chat, or email. We're ready to help with any questions you may have.

Setting up the GIRITON attendance system is just as easy as using it. What's more, we'll tailor the system to suit your exact needs. We'll guide you through the entire setup process and stand by to assist should any issues arise.

Got questions about the implementation or the attendance system itself? Do not hesitate to contact us at or by phone +420 728 543 275.

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