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The Whistleblower Protection Act Is Coming, Are You Prepared?


The aim of the Whistleblower Protection Act is to establish a secure environment where whistleblowers can report illegal or unethical behavior without fear. You can find all the information about Whistleblowing in our article Are You Ready for Whistleblowing? A Policy That Could Impact You as Well.

Giriton's Whistleblowing Solutions

Giriton offers two distinct Whistleblowing modules, from which everyone can surely choose:

  • Whistleblowing (Giriton): Giriton's fundamental Whistleblowing module, which includes essential features like the ability to submit anonymous notifications via the web, Punch Clock, or the My Attendance app. It also provides options for Notification Categories, Multiple Solvers, Anonymous Chat with attachment support, and Notifications.
  • Whistleblowing (FaceUp): This module integrates with the Czech platform FaceUp (Nenech to být) and provides access to a range of advanced features based on your selected FaceUp plan. Upon activating this module in Giriton, you can integrate links to your FaceUp notification forms, which will then be accessible through the Punch Clock or the My Attendance app. The management and handling of notifications take place within the FaceUp portal.

Get ready for the upcoming legislation. For detailed information on each module and instructions on how to activate them, refer to the online help provided here.

Implementing a whistleblowing system doesn't have to be a daunting task for companies. We're here to explore a customized solution that suits your specific requirements. Get your organization ready for this new regulation in advance. Reach out to us today at +420 728 543 275 or email We're eager to assist you.

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